Listen to the Radio

Listen to the Radio was a sound installation on exhibition during Art Inside the Box: A Curated Exhibit at Belmar Arts Center in Belmar, NJ from September 12 - October 12, 2018.

Installation materials: CD copy of the song "Radio” by The Corrs (Unplugged Version), song lyrics, speakers, audio interface, FM/AM Radio, CD player, guitar effects pedals, various types of audio cables, power sources and accordion case.

Audio samples

Video documentation

Collaborating with Jennifer McMahon on Listen to the Radio

In March 2019 I began working with music creator & improvising artist Jennifer McMahon to explore this sound installation’s relationship to song & lyric writing. Jennifer’s expertise as a singer & songwriter have led to the sonic features of Listen to the Radio to be a prompt for improvised performance. We have initially committed to an artistic research process of soundscape creation and analysis through improvised performance over a one year period (July 2019 - July 2020) and will periodically share our findings via social media.

For a sampling of Jennifer’s previous work related to improvised performance listen to “Clock/Memories”.