Journal Prompt

Journal Prompt is an experimental music soundscape I composed on the weekend of September 30, 2016. This piece has led to subsequent inquiries in artistic research related to journal writing, poetry, vocal production, and digital (audio) storytelling.

Original version of Journal Prompt soundscape

A journal activity written for the soundscape Journal Prompt

A poetic response to Journal Prompt by Johnny O’Hagan

But I still feel so free 
But I still feel so free

I heard a battle in the desert and I left to find it 
When I return I’ll report back on it
And if I never come back
Tell them that this version of myself loves them so 
You have one conscious life at a time
So find your style and polish it
Bring others along if you wish
But stop trying to change the world 
You’re only responsible for your own soul

The sociological condition of the world is not your cross to bear
But please make sure you leave it in better condition than it was found

Find something to say and deliver it to yourself
The living will love you for it and the dead will move along

A scripted weave is all I could see
The coding makes me feel far from free

But I still feel so free 
But I still feel so free

A version of Journal Prompt featuring a poetic & vocal performance by Johnny O’Hagan

A short audio story about Journal Prompt featured within the audio sermon project #METADS