Dear friends,

In early September of 2011 we (Jeffrey Cobbold | dj bestamo | Ramon Narvaez) wrote a song called Dragoness. It all happened in one day within the spirit of mutual collaboration and friendship. Now, just over three years later, its final form has emerged and we are excited to share it with you all.

Dragoness is in memoriam of unrequited love and silent manipulation. It symbolizes the tragedy that occurs when our personal desires and secrets are manipulated by someone we love and trust. 

Thanks to Robert Baird for his skilled and inspired cover art.

And thank you all for joining us in the debut and memory of Dragoness on this Halloween Day 2014.

You can stream and grab a free download of Dragoness at: http://dreadfuldragonofawoman.bandcamp.com

Please share the Halloween spirit with others through the story of Dragoness.

Always with imagination,

Jeffrey Cobbold | dj bestamo | Ramon Narvaez

October 31, 2014

Dreadful dragon of a woman 
Protruding lips of pain 
Silent because of shame 

Siphoning his veins 
Mystical manifestation of Satan 

Dragoness, can you dance to the sound? 
To this sound of resurrection 
Of a man that you tried to kill 

Learn to dance to this sound 
Dance for the first time in your life 
Did you think you would get away with this? 

We are all watching you.

Live performance of Dragoness @ Festival 10 Sentidos - Valencia, Spain - May 29, 2016 w/ Joe Miller VI & Aislinn Dicks